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Our Services

Our services include, but are not limited to:

brake repair


  • Brake replacement

  • Parking brake adjustment

  • Disc and drum services

  • Hydraulic components

Stay safe on the road and drive with confidence - have your brakes inspected today! If you feel the signs of brake wear - grinding, spongy pedal, pulsating, or veering to one side - waiting for symptoms to worsen will only cost you more in the long run. Call us today to schedule your brake inspection.

car steering

Steering & Suspension

  • Strut/shock replacement

  • Ball joint replacement

  • Tire rod replacement

  • Alignments

  • Rack & pinion replacement

If your car is experiencing poor drivability or is veering to one side, it may have a steering or suspension issue. Our experienced technicians have the expertise to evaluate and address all steering and suspension issues.



  • Transmission fluid inspection

  • Clutch replacement

  • Transmission repair & replacement

Grinding gears, excessive noise, and clutch failure are all symptoms of a faulty transmission. Transmission fluid should be routinely replaced to ensure your car is running at its peak performance. We service both manual and automatic transmissions. Our licensed technicians will keep your vehicle driving like new.

car dash


  • Power and window lock repair

  • Dashboard warning signals

  • Electronic components & wiring

  • Lighting repair

If your vehicle is experiencing electronic system failure, prompt diagnosis and repair are critical to preventing further complications down the road.



  • Tire replacement/repair

  • Tire storage

Tires are your vehicle's direct connection to the road. It is critical for your own safety to keep them inflated, properly rotated, and properly treaded for the elements.

oil change

Warranty Approved Oil Changes

  • Lube, oil & filter change

Keep your vehicle maintained, healthy and running well with a routine oil change. We will replace your car's oil and filter during every change to ensure your fluids are at the correct levels.

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